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Employer Dyslexia Support

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As an employer of people with dyslexia, the most important thing you can do is to develop an understanding of dyslexia, to have an open mind and take steps to help you maximise the benefits your employee can bring to your business. You can make a difference simply by being open to new ideas, introducing reasonable adjustments, discovering different ways of managing your employee. 

Sometimes the simplest changes can make the greatest difference.

Advantages of thinking differently

The positive aspects of dyslexia from your point of view as an employer is that there are traits that when properly harnessed can be extremely beneficial to your business. Your employee is an individual and the advantages of thinking differently means that the characteristics that he/she has will be unique. 

They might include:

  • The ability to take an innovative and creative approach to tasks
  • Excellent problem solving abilities
  • Good communication skills
  • Good dexterity and manual skills
  • Good visual and spatial skills

When is thinking differently likely to present challenges for my employee?

Most adults have created strategies that enable them to do their job effectively. In certain circumstances these strategies may not be as effective, such as:

  • Changes in work duties, these can be minor or major changes for example new operational systems, use of new technology, changes in environment
  • Changes in job role, either through promotion or restructuring of departments  
  • Operational changes, such as a new line manager 

Your employee will need to develop new strategies and/or adapt strategies he/she is already using. The challenge for your employee in this situation is how to adapt to the new context. Your employees may be aware that they are not performing in the way that you expect them to. This understandably can increase the levels of stress that your employees experience and they may feel less confident.  

How do I know what changes to make?

We can help you by providing advice and guidance from a specialist who has experience working with employers and employees. She/he will be able to help you by suggesting ways forwards. 

Contact us for an initial consultation. 

What might the suggestions include?

The suggestions may include:

Will this be difficult to arrange? 

No. Please email [email protected].


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