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Anyone Can Spell It Reviews

Anyone Can Spell It

Anyone Can Spell It Review – Older Learners

No one would question the benefits of good spelling skills throughout life; whatever the age this promotes confidence and independence in tackling writing tasks. However, the development of spelling skills for the older learner can present challenges not only for the individual but also for the tutor. What approach would be the best to use?

What is Anyone Can Spell It?

Anyone Can Spell It is a book of tried and tested strategies with the aim to make spelling as straightforward and memorable as possible. For each technique a brief overview is provided together with ‘The Drill’; instructions in a clear bullet pointed format. Photocopiable templates and samples are also included. There is a wide variety of reinforcement strategies; an area that is often, sadly, overlooked but essential for the retention of taught words. The dyslexic learner will need more opportunities to practise the spelling in order for it to be retained. This aspect of teaching spellings -?

Is it Suitable for Older Learners?

When teaching older students and adults, the greatest challenges to overcome are past failures and a lack of confidence that this time will be any different. The flexibility of Anyone Can Spell It provides an opportunity for the tutor and student to work collaboratively. This means that they can select a strategy together from the wide range available. The Analyse it: cognitive spelling techniques section is particularly useful because it helps prompt the learner to reflect on their approach to learning spellings. Helping the older learner take control and learn how to learn how to spell is the key to success.

To Summarise

Anyone Can Spell It is an incredibly easy, flexible resource to use.

It is adaptable for learners of any age. It is quick and easy for busy teachers.

Glynis Lavington

Consultant and Practitioner SpLD

Anyone Can Spell It Review

Many of us are aware of the complexities of the English language and its often irregular and seemingly illogical spelling system. For anyone who has either struggled with spelling or worked with learners, who find English spelling difficult to grasp, this book will become an essential tool. The authors are experienced Specialist Teachers and Assessors from Helen Arkell and combine years of experience teaching spelling. The aims of the book are simple – to provide a range of tried and tested learning strategies so that all learners can find effective techniques that work for them, whilst at the same time making the learning multi-sensory, fun and memorable. The book is structured in a very user-friendly format, with simple, clear instructions and photocopiable templates, which means that the techniques can be put into practice immediately. Careful attention has been paid to the layout, which is colourful and inviting.

The teaching strategies are all designed to be multi-sensory but are arranged into four categories, broadly corresponding to learning preferences – “Hear It”, “See It”, “Do It” and “Analyse It”. Within each category, the techniques have catchy, descriptive titles, such as “Make It”, “Picture It” or “Rhythm and Rap It”, making it easy to select suitable strategies that will appeal to individual learners. As well as regular, phonetic and irregular words, spelling rules are also covered. It is recommended that learners try out a variety of the techniques. Some strategies will suit particular words or spelling patterns and the learners will develop an awareness of the techniques they know work for them.

In addition to the clear guidance on teaching each technique, a selection of reinforcement games and activities is included, complete with colourful, photocopiable templates. The book also features a 5 Minutes A Day Student Workbook, which helps the student build up from spelling single words to using them in longer sentences. These all provide motivating opportunities to revisit the spellings and consolidate learning, thereby helping the transfer of skills from initial learning to use in general writing.

Anyone Can Spell It is an extremely useful book as it features such a great variety of proven techniques for learning spellings that there is sure to be something to appeal to all. The central message of the book is that spelling can be fun and achievable for everyone. In the classroom, or at home, teachers and parents will find this book an essential tool for helping learners develop their spelling skills.

Sarah Clarke, 

SENCo and Specialist Teacher, August 2014

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