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Helen Arkell Auditory Test

Helen Arkell Auditory Test

Helen Arkell Auditory Tests

We are excited to announce the re-publication of the Helen Arkell Auditory Tests (HAAT).  The HAAT is a very useful battery of informal tests designed to probe phonological awareness and basic phonic knowledge in learners from 6 to 11 years; although the tests can also be used with older learners whose phonological awareness skills are weak.

This battery of tests is not standardised; the sub-tests are criterion-referenced, i.e. they assess whether or not the learner is able to do the task.  The aim is to build a descriptive profile that can be used to plan remediation and support.

You do not need specialist training to administer the HAAT, although the tester should have a thorough understanding of phonological awareness so that the test outcomes are accurately analysed.

The pack also contains a booklet with useful suggestions about activities to encourage auditory and phonological awareness skills.

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