Changing direction mid-life

School was never easy for Robin; he couldn’t read and words seemed impossible. Towards the end of primary school, a specialist teacher introduced him to Dr Seuss and suddenly the penny dropped – he could read!

Secondary school was tough though. With no extra help and being bullied, Robin couldn’t get out of there quick enough, but work was a different ball game. Being a conscientious, hard worker was appreciated and Robin was soon promoted to foreman at a factory. A career in gardening with his brother followed.

But Robin developed serious back problems. Eventually, his doctor told him to give up gardening and get an office job. As long as he had been able to rely on his physical strength, Robin had got by. As soon as that was taken away, he didn’t know what on earth he was going to do.

Robin went to the Citizens Advice Bureau and was told he would need evidence of his dyslexia for the job centre but being out of work he couldn’t afford it. This is when Robin asked the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity for help. Robin found our specialist assessment explained so much about himself, saying, ‘knowing the problem is part of the solution’. His wife, Sue, said the assessment ‘did so much
for Robin’s emotional stress and depression, putting his mind at rest that he can do things.’

Finding work with a local charity, Robin got real satisfaction knowing he was helping others. He feels much more confident about the future, knowing he can change and do different things should life change direction.