Handwriting practice is best done little and often.
Talk to your child’s school about their handwriting policy so that you are practising to write letters in the same way.
Explore some of the activities below which provide some of the building blocks for developing good handwriting skills and try have fun.

  • Hand strengthening exercises
    • Play with playdough – rolling, squeezing and pinching
    • Use tweezers or tongs to transfer small objects such as smarties, or Lego cubes from one plate to another
    • Squeeze out sponges or flannels in the bath
    • Build with small construction toys
    • Pop bubble wrap
    • Cooking and baking activities which involve squeezing, kneading, beating, whisking, chopping etc.
    • Cutting with scissors
  • Try forming letters in a sand/rice tray. Put a small layer of sand/rice in a small tray or box. Let your child use their finger or a pencil/stick/paintbrush to practise forming the letter shapes.
  • Encourage drawing and colouring activities, including following mazes and tracing.
  • Practise handwriting patterns.
  • Check out the list of Apps to support handwriting on the National Handwriting Association website.