Helen Arkell’s A Dyslexic’s Eye View provides a clear and thorough understanding of the many different ways that dyslexia can affect people; not just their ability to learn but the many other aspects of everyday life. Parents will find easily understood descriptions of the many signs of dyslexia and how it affects the learning processes, how to recognise dyslexia, and the emotional effect of a learning difficulty on a child.

The tone and message are positive. Parents and teachers are given lots of useful advice – dos and don’ts, what to avoid, the importance of understanding the child’s needs – all of which will ensure that the child is able to develop with the minimum adverse effect.

Helen Arkell was dyslexic and had dyslexic children. Until her death in 2019, she was one of the country’s foremost pioneers in providing specialist help for dyslexics. This book will be of great benefit and reassurance to parents of dyslexic children and to adult dyslexics too.

Written by Helen Arkell

ISBN: 0948612134