Katrin Jeffcock will be discussing her recent research into the sleep behaviour of dyslexic children.

ADHD and autism are well known to often be accompanied by sleep problems and numerous studies have investigated the connection. Few studies however – less than 10 in the last 30 years – have looked into the relationship between dyslexia and sleep. This lack of research is even more surprising given that each of these studies found some kind of atypical sleep behaviour, be it by measuring sleep brainwaves, analysing parent reports or observing hormone levels. Katrin Jeffcock’s research aimed to start closing this gap by investigating the sleep quality and duration of dyslexic children and the potential impact of anxiety on sleep. Given the well-known importance of sleep for cognitive development and emotional wellbeing these findings are ground-breaking.

About Katrin Jeffcock

Katrin Jeffcock is a trained lawyer who out of fascination for the phenomenon of dyslexia went back to university as a mature student to increase research into dyslexia.

As part of an MSc of Child Development at the Institute of Education at University College London she conducted groundbreaking research into a possible connection between dyslexia and sleep, and is now aiming to continue her work in the field as part of a PhD.

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