The impact on physical health, mental wellbeing, teaching and learning, and how to support the development of these essential skills

Executive functions are a family of three core brain processes: inhibitory control, working memory and cognitive flexibility. These three core executive functions work together in different ways resulting in a set of other high-order skills called executive function skills. There are 11 executive functions skills including time-management, organisation, planning, emotional control and response inhibition.

Many neurodivergent people experience executive function challenges. As part of this talk Victoria Bagnall will look at:

  • the links between Dyslexia and executive functioning
  • how executive functions impact physical health and mental wellbeing throughout life
  • how executive functions impact teaching and learning
  • introduce a 3-step approach to supporting the development of these essential skills.

About Victoria Bagnall

Victoria Bagnall MA (Cantab), PGCE is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Connections In Mind.

Victoria has always been passionate about education reform, inclusion and neurodiversity. Diagnosed with Dyslexia aged 9, Victoria struggled throughout her education. Despite her challenges Victoria read Geography at the University of Cambridge, before launching her own chain of delicatessens in London.

Later she was awarded Outstanding by the Open University for her PGCE in Secondary Geography and went on to focus on working with neurodiverse children. Victoria has dedicated her life to raising awareness of critical brain functions for learning and personal development – our executive functions. Victoria is a well known public speaker, published co-author, co-founder of the 2021 education event The Forum for the Future of Education and consults widely within education globally.

Victoria works with people every day who have been adversely affected by their experiences in the traditional British education system; she is committed to helping schools find ways to ensure all children feel they belong in school so that they can reach their potential.

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