Around 20% of the population experience visual processing issues, but with dyslexia, the figures can be as high as 67%. Behavioural Optometrist Adil Kalooji will explain how to detect signs and symptoms and give an insight into the treatment options available.

Topics covered in this online webinar:

  • Visual processing: decoding skills, visual memory, tracking skills, binocular vision and visual integration
  • Visual therapy
  • Visual stress and the confusion around it
  • Colourimetry and precision tinted lens


About Adil Kalooji BSC (Hons) MCOptom


Adil offers in-depth specialist visual processing eye examinations for children and adults. He has a keen interest in Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs), particularly dyslexia and specialises in visual processing, binocular vision, and visual stress analysis. Adil has a real passion for helping people with SpLDs. Adil explains:

‘Dyslexia has always been a subject close to my heart.  Individuals in my family have struggled with dyslexia and, sadly, there simply was not enough recognition or help available during their academic life.

At university, whilst doing my degree in Optometry between 2001-2004, I was immediately drawn to visual processing issues and perceptual distortions in individuals with SpLDs, such as dyslexia. After qualifying as an Optometrist, I made it my career-long goal to raise awareness and make a difference for people with SpLDs to give something back to the community.

Over 18 years as a fully qualified Optometrist, I have helped hundreds of patients with dyslexia and other SpLDs, both children and adults. There have been many occasions where the results have been so impressive that I have seen parents in tears of joy, which is hugely rewarding.

I also support numerous dyslexia assessors, tutors and SENCO departments for schools and universities, all to support my goal of maximising the learning potential of every person with dyslexia and bringing different professions together to achieve this.

I have had the opportunity to present my work to SEN schools, the International Dyslexia Conference, British Dyslexia Association (BDA) conference, dyslexia assessor groups, university SEN departments, parents of dyslexic children and the NEC Dyslexia Show. I also recently provided training for BDA helpline staff. I am a proud supporting member of the British Dyslexia Association.’

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