Pack 3 contains: 1 x Spelling Window, 4 dry wipe pens & 50 blank cards

A simple but effective multi sensory resource to support spelling of single words. It is re-usable and can be easily personalised.

The laminated folding card with window pockets comes with an instruction card, 4 coloured drywipe pens and 50 blank cards.

This is a fantastic resource from Helen Arkell which has been tried and tested in schools and shown to achieve great results.

“I am really impressed with how effective the Spelling Window is and I am confident in my delivery of it with my learner. In fact, I’m not sure how I taught spelling without it!” KH

We also offer Spelling Window Pack 1 to include 1 x Spelling Window and Spelling Window Pack 2 to include 1 x Spelling Window & 4 coloured drywipe pens.



Watch the video on how to use the Spelling Window.