A MAJOR REVISION WITH BRAND-NEW MATERIAL. Discover how the unique strengths of dyslexia can be channelled for success at home, school and work with this ground-breaking exploration of the dyslexic brain.

In this paradigm-shifting book, neuro-learning experts Dr Brock L. Eide and Dr Fernette F. Eide describe a new brain science revealing that people with dyslexia have unique brain structure and organization. While the differences are responsible for challenges with literacy and reading, the dyslexic brain also gives a predisposition to important skills and special talents. This transformational new edition includes:

– significantly updated chapters on the neurobiology underlying dyslexia and dyslexic strengths
– ground-breaking science and interviews with successful dyslexics and innovative teachers

With much-needed prescriptive advice for parents, educators, co-workers and dyslexics, The Dyslexic Advantage provides a new framework to create a fuller, more balanced and more useful model of dyslexia. The authors of this essential book show how the unique strengths of dyslexia can lead to amazing success.

Publication Date: 14/02/23
ISBN: 9781788179263
Print Length: 448