Research request: dyslexia and reading enjoyment

Reading enjoyment research

Hannah and her team Royal Holloway University are studying reading enjoyment in adults with dyslexia to see whether a person will wait to read more of a book and other reading behaviours (eg comprehension, reading anxiety) in those with and without dyslexia.

Could you take part? The online task takes around 30 minutes.

Hannah is looking for:

  • Those with dyslexia
  • Between ages 18-30
  • Without any other neurodevelopmental condition that could affect learning, including autism, ADHD, epilepsy, or genetic disorders.
  • Those who are native English speakers (defined as attending school in a majority English-speaking country from age 5).
  • With normal or corrected to normal vision and hearing
  • Please use a computer, laptop or tablet to complete the study rather than a mobile device.

Scan the QR code on the poster to go to the study, or click here.

Research into reading enjoyment recruitment poster