UCL’s Sleep and Dyslexia Research Survey

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Our friends from University College London are researching sleep in children with dyslexia.

Do you know dyslexic children who take forever to go to sleep? Or others that zonk out in minutes? Either way, please help us understand more about whether dyslexia impacts sleep!

I am researching the connection between Dyslexia and Sleep at UCL London. Very little is currently known about it. We want to learn more about sleep in dyslexic children and provide ways that might help improve their sleep.

If you care for a dyslexic child aged 7 to 13 in the UK, please fill in the 20-minute survey.

The survey will help us gain a better understanding about how daytime activities can impact sleep and mental health in dyslexic children.The more we learn about it, the better chances we have to develop further ways to help.

Katrin Jeffcock LLM MSc

At the end of the survey, you can apply to participate in an optional second part of the study in which we objectively measure sleep behaviour and cortisol levels of dyslexic children.