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Teaching for neurodiversity

Teaching for Neurodiversity is a series of three one-hour webinars designed for education professionals.

There are three videos for each age range. Part 1 is relevant to all.

The project

The aim of the Dyslexia/SpLD Support Project ‘Teaching for Neurodiversity’ was to provide training and quality assured information about dyslexia and other SpLD for teachers and support staff, and for dyslexic individuals and their families.

The project was funded by the Department for Education in 2017 and led by the British Dyslexia Association in partnership with Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity, the Dyspraxia Foundation, Dyslexia Action, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Patoss.

Webinar Part 1 Seeing the whole picture:

Webinar Part 2

For Post 16 – Understanding Neurodiversity

Webinar Part 3 for Primary – Classroom support strategies

Webinar Part 3 for Secondary – Classroom support strategies

Webinar Part 3 for Post 16/FE – Support strategies