A Big Bowl of Self-Esteem with Claire Harvey

Big bowl of self-esteem

We know that a learner’s level of achievement, their behaviour and engagement can be strongly influenced by how they think and feel about themselves – their self-esteem. So many learners with Specific Learning Difficulties have low self-esteem.

This talk, presented by Claire Harvey, our Head of Education, will briefly touch on some of the causes of low self-esteem and the potentially devastating impact of low self-esteem. But most importantly, this talk will provide attendees with simple, practical strategies and activities that could significantly raise the self-esteem of learners with Specific Learning Difficulties.

About Claire Harvey

Claire has worked at the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity for six years. She is Head of Education and oversees all courses at the centre; courses for education professionals including the Level 5 and level 7, and courses for parents and learners. Claire is also a specialist assessor and delivers numerous in-service presentations to schools and organisations.

In the past, Claire worked in a large primary school as SEN Team Leader responsible for assessing mainstream pupils, identifying those in need of additional support, allocating them to appropriate intervention groups, teaching the weakest learners herself, closely monitoring all pupils’ progress.

Claire’s work as a specialist teacher and assessor, along with seeing the significant difference that specialist support made to her own son’s academic journey and self-esteem, has confirmed her commitment to making a real difference to the lives of learners with Specific Learning Difficulties.

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