With over 25 years of teaching experience, Dr Susie Nyman has a real understanding of what it takes to improve your grades. This booklet encapsulates her experience in an easy to read format with a selection of her most effective, easy to implement ideas that will really work to improve grades. No, there isn’t a magic wand to be waved sadly, but armed with the right techniques, ones that really work, you, your children or pupils will have a real fighting chance to be the best that they can be in the exam room.

Susie has recently written for BBC Bitesize and you can read more about her work here.

Susie is passionate about discovering how children learn. As the Curriculum Manager for Health and Social Care at The Sixth Form College Farnborough, she constantly strives to raise students’ achievements and to support them in ways which enable them to succeed.

Susie works with students on an individual basis or with small groups delivering workshops using a range of innovative and multi sensory teaching techniques to assist their learning including her ‘Equality and Diversity Tree’ and famous puppets!

In addition to her teaching, Susie has been asked to provide seminars and INSET training for PGCE students at her alma mater on ‘Teaching A level Biology and Health and Social Care’ and in a number of local schools and colleges on teaching strategies.

Susie has presented at many different conferences, including The Learning Differences Convention in Australia, The TES SEN Show London, TES SEN Show North, The Helen Arkell Centre and Bell House Dyslexia Centre as well as producing videos for the British Dyslexia Association and Oaka Books.

Note: This booklet is designed mainly for teachers, NQTs and parents.

Written by Dr Susie Nyman

ISBN: 9781913939069