Can you spot Dinaroo and her friends and see what they have found in the dump? Can they recycle it? Or make something new?

Written by two leading psychologists, the engaging, colourful, fully illustrated alphabet story in the first part of this book is accompanied by an extensive workbook section. Here you find exercises, in the form of games, to develop the important component skills needed for reading and learning about printed letters. Together you and the child will be able to practice the phoneme (speech sound) awareness and other fundamental language skills that are so important, and often difficult to acquire, for young children who may have dyslexia or speech and language problems.

My Special Alphabet Book will provide the vital early support these young children need in literacy. It also includes a user-friendly guide for parents and teachers, as well as extension activities to build awareness of environmental issues.

Written by Valerie Muter and Helen Likierman

ISBN: 9781787757790