Phonological awareness is the key to independent literacy and must be explicitly tackled in the classroom in order to promote early reading and writing to address written language difficulties in older children.

The Second Edition of Sound Practice looks afresh at:

  • How young children can be helped to discover basic facts about an alphabetic spelling system, within the context of their developing spoken language
  • Why children might fail to understand letter-sound links
  • The origins of severe and persistent difficulties with achieving functional literacy skills
  • Developmental processes underpinning the areas of learning identified in national initiatives for promoting children’s learning
  • The need for differentiation strategies to respond to individual children’s learning needs within national activities
  • Techniques and approaches that can be effectively applied to fulfil curriculum objectives

It is a suitable resource for initial and in-service training for teachers and teaching assistants and includes photocopiable worksheets.

Written by Sheila Clark Edmonds

ISBN: 9781853468018