This multi-sensory, photocopiable, work book by Valerie Hammond, addresses the issues she has encountered during thirty years of the specialist teaching of children with spelling problems such as dyslexia. The inconsistencies of the English spelling system make it difficult for learners to remember whether to write ee/ ea or ou/ow?

Each phonic pattern is colour coded within a word family group and then embedded within a story. Each story is accompanied by a simple  illustration that can be coloured in. Stories are powerful vehicles for aiding memory. Pictures and colours stimulate visual retention. Further reinforcement in writing is included to invoke motor memory, ensuring that all sensory pathways are stimulated in learning each pattern.
Photocopiable comprehension and over learning worksheets provide the learner with sufficient practice in applying their knowledge. A set of memory cards are included for regular drill practice.
Short cumulative dictations  in the final section  ‘test’ automatic retention of the patterns learnt.

Written by Val Hammond

ISBN: 9781838281434