Tips to get your child reading

When children are taught to read at school they all enjoy books, are always engaged, eager to read more and quickly grasp a wide vocabulary – if only!

Unfortunately, many children struggle to grasp reading and it can be challenging for parents to successfully read with their child who may be frustrated, upset and afraid to fail.

Try a few simple ways to get your family reading and loving books.

All Attempts Should Be Praised – Research has shown that when a child is praised specifically they are clearer as to what is expected of them, e.g. ‘Well done, you looked carefully at the beginning of that word and worked out what the word was.’

Encouraging Reluctant Readers – Try audiobooks, graphic novels, comics and magazines.  Read about anything they are interested in – football, recipes, superheroes, animals!  Read with your child, taking turns to make it easier and more fun.

High-Frequency Words – Work on up to 6 words at a time, reading the words before asking your child to read them.  Games such as snap and pairs can encourage your child to read high-frequency words at speed.

Discuss a book with your child – Ask open-ended questions that encourage your child to think more deeply about the content e.g:  What do you think happens next? What is the story about? What do you like most about this story?

Finding Help – You can find more tips on reading, and other ways to help your child, here.  The Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity specialises in providing expert support to dyslexic children.  We offer 1:1 personalised tuition sessions.  The sessions can include anything from reading, writing, spelling, numeracy, improving general organisation to revision techniques. To find out more email