News on research being conducted in the special educational needs sector to take part in as well as research findings in dyslexia and other specific learning differences.

UK uni students wanted to answer quick questionnaire

Are you a UK uni student aged 18-23? Could you help Simon from Sunderland University with his MSc in Psychology? Simon is conducting interesting research into early versus late dyslexia diagnosis. No formal diagnosis is needed; if you have self-diagnosed or you are a student without dyslexia, we would love you to take part too.
The study is a 10-minute online questionnaire accessed below. 
Thank you!
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Research request: dyslexia and reading enjoyment

Hannah and her team Royal Holloway University are studying reading enjoyment in adults with dyslexia to see whether a person will wait to read more of a book and other reading behaviours (eg comprehension, reading anxiety) in those with and without dyslexia.

Could you take part? The online task takes around 30 minutes.

Hannah is looking for:

  • Those with dyslexia
  • Between ages 18-30
  • Without any other neurodevelopmental condition that could affect learning, including autism, ADHD, epilepsy, or genetic disorders.
  • Those who are native English speakers (defined as attending school in a majority English-speaking country from age 5).
  • With normal or corrected to normal vision and hearing
  • Please use a computer, laptop or tablet to complete the study rather than a mobile device.

Scan the QR code on the poster to go to the study, or click here.

Research into reading enjoyment recruitment poster

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Are you a student in HE being taught in English?

Yasmin, an MSc Psychology student at Oxford Brookes University is studying dyslexia in bilingual students. Could you take part in her research? Just complete an anonymous 15-minute questionnaire; you can stop at any time.

Yasmin is looking for students who are:

  • in Higher Education
  • being taught in English
  • bilingual or monolingual
  • dyslexic or not dyslexic

Take part here.

We love to support research into various aspects of dyslexia and, where we can, we pass the findings on. Research benefits us all so thank you for taking part!

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Research into role of emojis in reading comprehension

Lorena is an MSc student at Regent’s University, London. She is undertaking a study exploring the role of emojis and emoticons in reading comprehension of participants with and without dyslexia. If you are over 18 years old and have 15 minutes free, please consider participating in her research by following this link:

Thank you!

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Volunteers with dyslexia needed for psychology research

Doctoral research student Ella-Joy Osofisan is based at Richmond University and London South Bank University. She is looking for volunteers to help with her executive function research into performance of computer- and paper-based tasks.

Volunteers should:

  • Be aged between 18 and 40
  • Be a native English speaker
  • Have proof of a dyslexia diagnosis, eg a dyslexia assessment

Volunteers will receive a £35 Amazon voucher.

Can you help? More details are here.


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Dyslexia and mental health research – university students

Here at Helen Arkell, we are very keen to support and promote research into dyslexia and SpLDs. We ask you to take part in research if you can and, where possible, we will share the results of research with you. By doing this, we hope to understand dyslexia and the experiences of people with dyslexia and to be able to offer even better dyslexia support.

Holly is a clinical psychology doctoral student looking for dyslexic university students to help with her research. Her thesis is looking at dyslexia and mental health.

Here’s Holly’s message:

I am a trainee clinical psychologist at Royal Holloway University of London.  

I am looking for students with dyslexia who would like to be involved in the design process of my doctoral research. My research will investigate the emotional impact of academic studies on students with dyslexia. 

I would like your help thinking about the situations at uni that make students feel anxious. 

As experts from your own lived experience, you would add great value to the study. We will pay you £25 Amazon voucher for your time. 

If you are interested or know anyone that might be please let me know by contacting me via can arrange to meet online via MS Teams for around an hour.

Many thanks, 


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Are you 11 to 13? Get a picture of your brain!

Could your 11-13-year-old help with research into engaging children in reading?

We are researchers in the N-Code Lab at Royal Holloway University, London. We are running two studies to understand why humans enjoy learning new words while reading, and whether this ‘buzz’ can be harnessed to boost learning in children with dyslexia. Our work is funded by the Academy of Medical Sciences.

In the first study, we are looking for 11-13 year olds with dyslexia (as well as neurotypical children) to complete an MRI study. We offer a £40 voucher and a picture of their brain! This requires coming to our MRI scanner at Royal Holloway, University of London, in Egham, Surrey (our postcode is TW20 0EX). We can arrange parking on campus/cover reasonable travel costs. We are recruiting 25 children with dyslexia.

Our second study is an online study. This can be done remotely via Teams and takes about 2 hours. Children complete a set of games and reading tasks. We are looking for around 25 children with dyslexia aged 11-13. We offer a £20 voucher as a token of our thanks.

We offer appointments on weekends, evenings and school holidays. To sign up, parents can email us at or visit

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Research study – Understanding Reading and Anxiety

Can you help with research into the links between people’s reading skills and anxiety?

The University of Surrey is conducting research into this and, whether you have reading difficulties or not, would like you to take part. It’s for those aged 18 and over who speak fluent English.

The survey takes 20 to 30 minutes and is found here.

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