Want to be the teacher who knows the answer to “Why is it spelled that way?” every time a student or colleague asks? Well now you can be!

This book contains;
– a complete scope and sequence for teaching structured literacy including phonics, morphology, etymology and spelling rules
– definitions of the most common metalanguage used in structured literacy
– accurate explanations as to why and when certain spellings are used
– guidance for how these concepts should (and should not) be introduced to students

If you want to arm yourself with expert knowledge so you can explicitly explain the way English orthography works to your students, this book will make you the ‘go to’ spelling expert, having you teaching spelling and reading with confidence and ease instantly.

Review by Helen Arkell’s Head of Education:

‘How to Teach Every Spelling Pattern Ever’ includes not only the WHAT to teach but also the HOW to teach spelling, including explanations for WHY words are spelt as they are. Cumulative and sequential lists of letter/sound links, phonemes, blends, letter strings, suffixes and prefixes, and spelling rules are clearly laid out. Drawing on morphology, etymology, and phonology, this book delivers a story behind even some of the trickiest letter patterns and words to teach, making them ultimately more accessible, meaningful, and memorable for both the specialist teacher and the learner. This is a super resource for any specialist teacher to have in their toolbox!

Author: Sarah Mitchell

ISBN: 979-8852474742