Are you tired of searching for the perfect resources for your Tier 2 and 3 literacy intervention lessons? Look no further! This handy lesson template and activity book will become your go-to guide. This book is filled with practical, no-hassle resources that will streamline your teaching – everything you need is right here at your fingertips.

The beauty of this book lies in its repeatable lesson structure and wide range of activities to choose from. By using a consistent lesson format, you can make learning predictable and engaging for your students. The activities are designed to support you in generating your own, evidence-based lesson activities, with guidance on what to do, what not to do and scaffolding options in each section – so you can learn and create as you teach.

You can easily tailor your teaching with the interchangeable, low or no preparation activity suggestions to suit your students’ unique needs and preferences. Covering everything from phonics, morphology, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and writing skills, this book will have you explicitly teaching all aspects of structured literacy in no time.

This book provides structure, not rigidity! So it will keep you on track, ensuring you are following the science of reading closely without dictating your every move and word. No more feeling like your lessons are not as systematic as they could be! The SMART goals and goal tracker tools will keep you focused on what’s important and reporting on demand, without creating additional reports.

Filled with easy to digest, concise guidance on the science of reading and learning research findings, and complete with a full glossary of terms, this book will have you speaking (and thinking) like an expert in no time.

Grab all four books in this series if you want to assess, plan and start teaching your term’s worth of intervention within 30 minutes.

A review by Helen Arkell’s Head of Education:

‘Transform your Literacy Intervention’ is the fourth book in Sarah Mitchell’s Teaching Structured Literacy Series. For any specialist teacher looking for support on how to structure their lessons with SpLD learners, this book delivers. It includes a lesson template alongside valuable advice on how to deliver lessons to ensure targets and teaching goals are achieved. There are some super examples of teaching resources and plenty of reinforcement activities and games to ensure learners can practice and embed new skills. Thank you, Sarah, for another super book in your range.”

Author: Sarah Mitchell

ISBN: 979-8321158562