Assessing Reading and Spelling: For teaching structured literacy contains every assessment you need to plan a highly targeted teaching program for struggling readers and spellers, as well as the planning tools to keep your program and reporting on track.

It contains:
– phonological awareness checklists
– handwriting checklists
– reading assessments
– spelling assessments
– SMART target examples as well as guidance for writing your own SMART targets
– goal tracking lesson plan and reporting tool

Now you can:
– Quickly identify your students’ specific gaps
– Teach everything they need to know, and nothing they already know, making most effective use of precious teaching time!
– Engage them in their own learning by demonstrating your teaching is tailored to their current needs
– Build confidence by having your students reflect on their progress each and every lesson (visible learning)
– Instantly report to key stakeholders without writing additional summaries and reports

Suitable for tutors, specialist teachers and speech pathologists teaching Tier 2 (small group) and Tier 3 instruction (1:1), from early years to adults, this ‘go to’ resource is like having a literacy consultant walking you step-by-step through assessment, planning, teaching and reporting. Be sure you’re making the biggest impact you possibly can for your struggling students by grabbing a copy today.

And don’t forget to pick up The Ultimate Scope and Sequence: For teaching structured literacy as well as a copy of How to Teach Every Spelling Pattern Ever. These books provide all the lists and explanations you need to ensure your students make maximum progress with minimal planning, by ensuring your teaching follows The Science of Reading approach.

Author: Sarah Mitchell

ISBN: 979-8866693863