If you are looking for a different way to teach times tables facts, this may be the book for you! It provides 150+ pages of picture clues, rhymes, patterns, finger methods and other strategies to help students learn times tables facts in a fun and accessible way. Perhaps even more importantly, it offers ideas for how to practise so the table facts are not forgotten. The techniques will complement traditional methods, help fill in gaps, and enhance long-term storage.

This book is designed for parents, teachers and tutors to help students of any age. Using the Times Table Grid as a foundation, it covers all 0-12 tables and can be used in different ways. Students can be guided through the book, set out in manageable sections to make learning easier and more enjoyable. Alternatively, tips and tricks can be dipped into for those particular table facts presenting a stumbling block. Students can choose the method they like best from various options.

The aim is to make more tables automatic, one table fact or pattern group at a time. Each and every table fact known by heart will boost confidence, motivate learning of additional ones, and make maths easier in the process.

By popular request, there is also a Companion Student Workbook: Just In Time(s): Times Tables Student Workbook (You Got This!). This is a ready-made (off-the-shelf) workbook for students to practise ‘little and often’ and log their achievements as they work toward mastering the Table Grid.

About the author: Marlene Caplan (PhD) is an Educational Psychologist, Specialist Teacher and Dyslexia Consultant working in the UK.

Written by Marlene Caplan

ISBN: 9781838339401