This Student Workbook is designed as a companion to the main book: Just in Time(s): Times Tables Tips & Tricks When the Usual Methods Just Don’t Stick.

It provides a personalised, structured, step-by-step way to:

  • Decide which table facts to target (The Big Sort)
  • Set goals for the week (Target List)
  • Practise ‘little and often’ using short, fun activities (33 Practice Ideas)
  • Keep track of all the practice being done (Weekly Progress Charts)
  • Build accuracy and confidence (Challenge Sheets)
  • Monitor progress and celebrate success (Table Grid Achievement)

Students enjoy practising and ticking off each table fact as they learn them and work toward mastering the Table Grid. Get them started with a few simple activities and they will be well on their way!

About the author: Marlene Caplan (PhD) is an Educational Psychologist, Specialist Teacher and Dyslexia Consultant working in the UK.

Written by Marlene Caplan

ISBN: 9781838339418